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Ahí Vamos - Dye To Order

Ahí Vamos - Dye To Order

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Ahí Vamos (ah-ee vah-moh-s) [There We Go]


A lightly speckled skein perfect for any project.  Ahí Vamos boasts of custom speckles made specific for the Ahí Vamos and Ya Mero colorways.   The deep neutral yellow speckles will enhance all of your projects!  

This colorway was specifically designed to work as a gradient with the Ya Mero and Casi Casi colorways.


For a description of each base, we offer CLICK HERE

Care Instructions:  Hand wash & lay flat to dry in order to maintain the color and quality.

When ordering RMR yarn please make sure that you order enough yarn for your project.  This will ensure that your skeins are better matched colorwise, as hand dyed skeins will never be identical in color even when dyed at the same time.

Every effort has been made to eliminate color transfer or color bleeding; however, some bleeding/color transfer may still occur on darker colors and more saturated colors.  The color on the skeins has been set but that there is a possibility some color may exude during the first wash.

We aim to provide the most accurate color in our pictures, but they may slightly vary depending on lighting conditions and your monitor settings.
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